Setting Out

In order for you to install a Photovoltaic system, the panels have to face south, with regulations allowing a maximum declination of 30 degrees. Other factors such as objects taking away space on roofs like water tanks and air condition compressors on the roof or surrounding trees casting their shade on the area also play a big role when planning a system. We will happily come by to see your place with no obligation whatsoever, work out a system that meets your needs and present you with an offer.

Permits & Subsidies

In case you decide to continue with our company we will arrange all the paperwork for you, keeping you posted on the progress. All you will have to do is bring us the necessary documents and sign the application forms. We take on the rest.


Depending on where the system will be placed, it has to be fixed in place the right way. Whether mounted on a pitched or flat roof, on solid ground or loose soil, we provide you with the best solution to get the job done as cost-effectively as possible but structurally sound above all.


If you choose to opt for our monitoring services, we will have a constant eye on how your system is doing. In case your system is not working like it should, the monitoring system notifies us about it. We in turn contact you immediately to inform you of the situation and arrange to come by the soonest possible to reinstate proper operation. This keeps down-time of your investment generating returns at a minimum. This is especially suitable for people that leave the island for longer periods of time and for those that like to have total ease of mind.